So where do you even start?? There are millions of fad diets and do this, do that work outs, but the truth is you have to do what is right for you or it won’t work.

The main goal is that you eat healthy appropriate portions and you get moving! You need to start with short obtainable goals that incorporate both eating the right things and getting physical, in my case a fitness bucket list. Don’t put emphasis on how many pounds you want to lose on this first list. Trust me, if you stick with it for 60 days you will lose weight. Probably lots of it too!

The main focus should be on getting started, staying committed and realizing you need to change your lifestyle for you to change your body.

My Fitness Bucket List (First Bucket List Goal: 60 days)

Get a calendar. Mark day 1 and number through the days to 60. Check them off every day that you accomplish a day of your goal. YOU CAN DO IT and it will show!

Here is an example of my bucket list. I list my things positively and I am focusing on changing my behavior and getting started.

1. Accomplish 60 days of Insanity workout without skipping
2. Eat healthier by choosing a Weight Watchers ‘Smart One’ twice a day
3. Get toned at the gym 4 days on – 1 day off with strength training
4. Lose some jiggle by not having sodas for 60 days
5. Be proud of myself and track and mark off my workouts on a calendar
6. Eat healthier, 60 days of no junk food
7. Replenish my body and Drink 4 more glasses daily of water than usual
8. See how well I’m doing by keeping a food diary (I love “Lose it” app!)
9. See sexy come back. Take before and after pictures weekly
10. Measure and weigh before and at the end of 60 days and be proud anything off is better than anything on!

BE POSITIVE no matter the results!! Gaining weight is easy. Losing it takes work and a positive attitude!


Hello my name is Erica and I’m a fatty. A fatty mcshort shorts. For now anyways…

I weigh 90 pounds more than I want to, but it’s ok because I am ready to do something about it. I WANT sexy, healthy, kick ass Erica back…and I am going to get her even if I have to drag her big butt back kicking and screaming. Watch me. Do it with me. WANT IT!! THROW A FIT(NESS)!!

Becoming fit isn’t something you do, it’s something you live. It’s who you are. It means more to you than an 800 calorie frappuccino or relaxing after a long day at work.

It sucks some days and it can be a struggle, but feeling healthy and looking the way you want to tastes better than anything you can put in your mouth! ANYTHING.

And the fit begins…